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Key Highlights

  • Professional Format and Layout
  • Application Tracking Software(ATS) Friendly
  • Standout in the crowd
  • Targeted Content and Highlights

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Rekru Job helps job seekers find the right job that matches their aspirations.

Key Highlights

  • HRs and recruiters often find it hard to shortlist resumes due to their monotony and lack of structure.
  • Having a professional looking resume, CV, and biodata with well-presented information is advantageous in the long run for your career

Resume Highlighting

Job searching is the toughest and difficult work for any individual.

Key Highlights

  • Get the best jobs delivered to you which matches your criteria
  • Apply for jobs on the move from your phone
  • Increased chances of job interview call by 3x

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Quick services, advisory, and support for your resume and job application

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Your resume is tested with Application Tracking Software (ATS) for (researched) targeted keywords based on your individual needs.
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