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Everything you need to run HR with Rekrujobs

We build solutions that help Employees to balance their work-life, Team Managers to optimize business outcomes, HR to simplify the entire Workforce Life Cycle

Talent Acquisition

Rekrujobs’s smart hiring process helps predict a set of candidates most suited to the organization.

Employee Empowerment

Set up payrolls, overtimes, compensation, leaves, attendances, travel expenses and much more all at one place and execute standard payroll every month.

Employee Growth

Facilitate development & growth of employees through objective performance evaluations, development discussions and clear career paths.

Employee Separation Management

Workflow based separation process, final clearance process and automatic generation of documents digitized final clearance process with emphasis on use for remote locations.

Employee experience and engagement through a suite of intelligent tools

Reward & Recognition

Develop brand stickiness. Empower your employees to grow, develop and succeed.

Talent Retention

Increase job satisfaction and retail high performing talent through timely recognition and a proper reward system.

Budget Management

Allocate & Manage monthly, quarterly or annual budgets for rewards and recognition. Take control of of your finances while also boosting employee morale.

Get actionable insights for overall employee wellbeing

Payroll Analytics

Get a blueprint of the payroll spending patterns, compensation trends and compliance, staff forecasting and hiring strategies.

Leave & Attendance Analytics

Be informed at every tick on the absentees at your workplace, and the available replacements with matching skills.

Workforce Management

Maximize your workforce performance and competency through rich data points that pinpoint and predict the areas of the improvements.

Separation Analytics

Forge lasting relationships with your workforce and redefine hire-to-retire to ensure lifelong learning.

- How We Work -


Track time and attendance

Eliminate errors through automated data entry. Effortlessly consolidate attendance data from multiple devices.


Simplify Employee Performance

Identify your employees' strengths and development needs. Set goals, gather contextualised feedback, and review performance.


Automate workflows

Reminders for key events, work anniversaries, birthdays and more can be scheduled easily. Track any and all HR tasks from one single place on Rekru Jobs


Easy Customization

Create custom forms for on boarding, extra benefits, travel expenses, exit, and much more with Rekru Jobs HR management system.

Pricing Details

Rs 15000 One-time setup fee + Rs 200 Monthly/User

Powerful Integrations to make your work life simpler


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